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About Us


Emily Carter is an award-winning British designer based in London, specialising in hand illustrated silk accessories, stationery and furnishings.  The collections incorporate themes from natural history, flora, fauna and scientific illustration to create surreal and unique illustrations and prints. 

Each scarf and square tells its own unique story and begins as a detailed original drawing, where endless experiments in colour and composition lead to the finished product. With an emphasis on exquisite and timeless design, our products are intended to be treasured for a lifetime, and are made using the finest craftsmanship.

Printed on high quality silk and hemmed and packaged by hand, every item is made in England to the highest standard, offering a luxury piece of British design.

Emily Carter has exhibited at both London and Paris Fashion Week since 2015, in which time she also received awards including the Natwest and UAL awards for excellence. Emily has been featured regularly in publications such as Vogue and The Financial Times, and her luxury accessories are stocked internationally. Emily also launched her second company, Emily Carter Studio, in 2019 which specialises in print design and licensing.

Alongside the businesses, Emily has also worked for luxury brands including Harrods, where in 2017 she was offered an unique opportunity to lead and create the in-house themes and designs for the store.

 Emily Carter supports British manufacturing in order to promote ethical labour and sustainable production. The brand does not outsource abroad, proving that you can build an honest company through local and sustainable manufacturing.​

The word ‘craft’ has become a signifier of value, and 

represents the importance of knowledge, skill and above all, ingenuity involved in a creative process. Each Emily Carter product is designed by hand, emphasising the value of sustainable and original design.

We have incorporated our values into every possible part of the business, including our manufacturing where our products are proudly printed in England and made in small quantities by London based independent tailors. Our packaging is also fully recyclable and 


We believe that quality plays an important role in the sustainability of this industry; and for this reason our products are ethically manufactured from the best quality fabrics, and 

designed to last a lifetime.







Each element in our designs is hand drawn and coloured by Emily Carter.


Our illustrations are then placed and edited to create the final composition.


We are proud to say that all of our products are printed and manufactured in England.


Our products are hand finished in England to the highest standard.


Our packaging is sustainably produced in England.


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