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Due to our recent partnership with a British phone case manufacturer, we are able to offer premium cases for up to 650 types of phone. We currently have 18 designs to choose from, however you can actually choose any design from our website. If you have a particular request which is not available via our shop, please email us directly, we'd love to hear from you. 



We're excited to announce our new collaboration with graphic designer, Rory Farrell, which is launching exclusively on Instagram this month. Rory and I have been working closely on a collection of graphic still life shots, incorporating the most popular Emily Carter scarves and prints. Follow us on Instagram to see more of the collection.


Even though all of our products are ethically produced in the UK, we still feel the need to become more responsible in terms of sustainability.


Therefore, we have replaced all of our plastic, bubble wrap and coated packaging with recyclable cardboard boxes and cardboard envelopes. We are also reducing the amount of paper that we include in your orders.

Our luxury packaging can also be recycled, although we hope that you will treasure your scarf box, and reuse it for other items in future. 

The fashion industry is becoming notoriously wasteful, unsustainable and unethical, and even though our new packaging options are perhaps less aesthetically pleasing, we believe that setting a responsible example has to take priority.

So if you purchase one of our items, we'd be grateful if you would help us by responsibly recycling or reusing our packaging. 

Thank you!


Once again we've been featured in the Financial Times Gift Guide, and this time it's not one, but two items from our menswear collection. We have also been featured in the new Financial Times issue, where our short interview outlines our hand illustrated design process and our desire to keep our manufacturing and sourcing sustainably in Britain.

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If you have a specific design in mind for an occasion, anniversary, or simply for yourself, we can create a bespoke design for you. This includes our silk range of scarves, pocket squares, ties and bow ties.

We can also monogram initials or names into your scarf or pocket square or add personalised ribbon to your luxury packaging.

Contact us below for further information on lead times and prices.


We offer a wide range of Corporate Gifts, each with options for branding and individual personalisation.

We can also design a one-off bespoke design and product for you. Our corporate gifts provide a luxury piece of British craftsmanship, with each product made and designed in England.

If you have an idea or simply would like to know more about this service, then please don't hesitate to get in touch.


Emily Carter is an award winning British designer based in London, specialising in hand illustrated silk accessories, stationery and furnishings.  The collections incorporate themes from natural history, flora, fauna and scientific illustration to create surreal and unique illustrations and prints. 

Each scarf and square tells its own unique story and begins as a detailed original drawing, where endless experiments in colour and composition lead to the finished product.

With an emphasis on exquisite and timeless design, our products are intended to be treasured for a lifetime, and are made using the finest craftsmanship.

Printed on high quality silk and hemmed and packaged by hand, every item is made in England to the highest standard, offering a luxury piece of British design.