Upcycled Silk Face Mask (Non-Medical) - Gold Abstract

Upcycled Silk Face Masks (Non-Medical) 


100% Upcycled Fabric 

x2 Layers Silk Crepe Satin

£5 Donated to NHS per Mask


Reusable - Washable - Unisex



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I started making the samples for these at the beginning of the pandemic, but I didn’t want to create a product which may or may not be protective enough until more research was done. 


However, now that globally we’re being encouraged to wear masks, and the fact that we must stop purchasing medical masks, I thought this would be a helpful time to introduce these now that some of us are returning to work. 


Each one of my masks is a one-off, as I’ve actually made them from an old menswear collection that I made for my first collection in Paris in 2015 - I’ve never been able to throw the fabric away so I thought I’d up-cycle it into masks instead. 


This pattern is in-line with the pattern that is used for medical masks, with x2 layers of silk crepe satin which is a dense fibre (and very soft on the skin). The masks fully cover the nose and mouth and are pleated at the sides. I’ve used elastic instead of ties, as I’ve found this creates a tighter and more protective hold over the face. They are reusable, washable and unisex.

The masks are £15, £5 profit of which is donated to the NHS; £10 covers a little of my time and the expense of the fabric and printing. 

Only one of each design is available, apart from the butterflies and florals can be replicated as I have more of this fabric. 

Feel free to send me a message if you have any questions, and please all stay safe. 

Upcycled Silk Face Mask (Non-Medical) - Gold Abstract

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